Frequently asked Questions about what we do here.

  • What does "Base Hight" mean?
    • The Model would stand that tall (i.e. 15cm) in a neutral rested Pose. So the Figurine might be taller or smaller depending on the chosen Pose. If you need exact Measurements for any of the Poses just ask us and we will provide it for you.
  • What Color will a Figurine receive if i choose colored when ordering?
    • We will try to mimic the Colors of the Original Design of the Character. Please keep in mind that each Model is hand Painted and some variance is to be expected.
  • How long will it take if I order a Figurine till shipping?
    • Production on a Ordered Figurine can take up to 30 Days, however most of the time we will send it out much earlier.
  • What does Print only mean?
    • We will only Print the Parts of the Figurine, clean them and UV cure them but we will not assemble the Figurine nor cover up any Cutting Points. You would need to do this your self. Only use this Option if you want the cheapest option and feel comfortable to glue the pieces together and fill up the connection Points.
  • Can I get a refund if I do not like the Figurine?
    • We will send you a Picture of the finished Figurine before shipping it to you, if you do not like the result we will keep it and refund you. A refund after shipping is possible if something broke during shipping.
  • What does Prime only mean?
    • A Primer makes a Figurine ready for Painting and also covers up marks and blemishes.