Upcoming Shop Update in February

After the complete Rework of the Shop last Month, this month will bring back a few things that i faded out over the Last Year and a few new Features.

While I still wait on my bigger machine which will make larger Prints a bit more easier to handle I will reintroduce Larger Prints. Which means I will offer Prints in the sizes of 15 and 30cm base Hight. 

Thanks to a few new Systems  that I can use with the new Shop there will also be a way to Modify your Ordered Figurine to your likening. So you can Choose to have it with Color, just primed, none at all or with base or without it, the type of the base and a few other things. 

If all goes well I will be able to start the biggest Project in March, which will be a fully Customisable Commission System so you finally can get your own Character in 3D and as a Figurine.